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Our Mission

The Fix is a call to awaken creativity, faith and love in young people and the adults who govern them. Through leadership, guidance and teaching our youth to broaden their perspective, develop discipline, routine, and prepare for bright futures as ordained by their calling from God.

Our Walk Has Purpose

Broadens perspective in young minds


community through action

Provides opportunity to express creativity

Educate on subjects not learned in school


The Fix is the culmination of years-long work by our founder Zephie Powell and her relationship with God in living her purpose. At The Fix, we work with young people in our community to grow physically, spiritually and emotionally wherever they may be planted. By giving them the tools they need to follow their calling and achieve their dreams, young people can go into the world and shine their light farther and brighter to continue our mission. When we all live in our gifts, learn the truth and align with God, we nourish our community and create a future that is bright for all.

The Fix also provides an opportunity for adults to guide our young people, giving adults in our community an opportunity to achieve THEIR calling through their gifts as well. The Fix is a backyard where all are welcome as they are, no matter their status, beliefs, or affiliation with a church. At The Fix, we do not promote a particular church nor is the program developed by a church body.  Team members at The Fix are aligned by GOD and each individual has their own special relationship with God that needs to be nurtured. We hold one another accountable through weekly gatherings.  We are not an institution, we are a community, a collection of persons each with their own purpose that makes the path to alignment easier to walk.

"The glory of young men is their strength, grey hair the splendor of the old."

 - Proverbs 20:29 

What joy it brings to those who have 'been around the block' a few times to help someone navigate the pitfalls that exist for our youth.

  Walking it out together is The Fix.  

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